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Résofil no.12 - May-June 2017
Winter Outlook 2017-2018
Val de Saône-A program to ensure competitiveness and security  of supply in France


Green Gas Initiative

50% increase of biomethane in gas networks in three years.

West Grid Synergy

1re expérimentation du SMART GAS GRID au service du gaz renouvelable en territoire.

Renewable gas, a major vector in the energy transition

French storage operators release the last lock on the injection of biomethane into the gas distribution and transport networks.

Perspectives pour l’hiver 2017 - 2018

GRTgaz et TIGF alertent sur la sécurité d’approvisionnement gaz pour l’hiver prochain.

Challenge EducEco 2017

1er « Trophée GRTgaz » pour promouvoir le BioGNV dans la mobilité.

Thierry Trouvé reappointed Chief Executive Officer of GRTgaz

The Board of Directors of GRTgaz has today decided to reappoint Thierry Trouvé as CEO of GRTgaz for a second 4-year term.

Energy networks

RTE and GRTgaz accelerate the development of multi-energy solutions for the territories.

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