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How can natural gas be used in industry? What is renewable gas? Why run on gas? What does switching from electricity to gas involve?

The answers to all of these questions can be found on our infographics pages.

Gas, the future of energy

Gas: a crucial energy source for the 21st century.

Following a brief definition of natural gas, you will discover the benefits of this resource: industrial use, simple and reliable supply, competitive price and its ecological benefits.

Natural gas, the future of fuel: running on gas ?

Gas, an alternative fuel, that contributes to the diversity of the national energy mix and to reduced dependency on petroleum products.

GRTgaz key figures

Natural gas, a renewable energy

Discover the biomethane, the Power to Gas and the different uses: vehicule fuel, services, industry and households.

GRTgaz key figures

key figures

Discover the key figures of the GRTgaz natural gas transmission network, pipelines safety, the french market, financial performance and investment and Human ressources datas.