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Cooperation and sharing of experience

Partnerships for innovation

GRTgaz is extending this innovative approach to the territories through partnerships it is establishing with the French Hiking Federation (FFR) or the French Federation of Regional Natural Parks (FNPR). Illustrations...


GRTgaz together with the FFRandonnée (French Hiking Federation)

In recent years, GRTgaz has been helping the FFRandonnée to develop its digital program. The long-term goal is to offer a Web portal that is a true reference for hiking in France so that hikers can access practical and tourist information easily from the Web, or by smartphone during their trip.

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Claude Hüe

President of the French Hiking Federation

"What brings us even closer together is the fact that for several years GRTgaz has been working on issues similar to ours as part of its geographic information system. We can talk about a true transfer of expertise, and this is also one of the reasons why our partnership with GRTgaz goes beyond simple financial support. (...) We enrich each other with the specificities of our respective areas of activity by coming together on common issues."


GRTgaz together with the French Federation of Regional Natural Parks

The company has renewed its partnership with the French Federation of Regional Natural Parks for three years, and, since the initiative began, has supported the National Flowering Prairies agricultural Competition, an initiative jointly organised by the regional and national natural parks.

The goal: recognise farmers whose prairies and pastures have the best balance between fodder and ecological value. Throughout 2013, 300 farmers across 45 territories competed in the 4th annual competition.

In September 2013 in its notice "Acting for biodiversity" "the Economic, Social and Environmental Council (ESEC) also highlighted the quality and relevance of this competition, which has brought together more than one thousand farmers since its creation to compete for the best agro-environmental practices on their natural prairies. After 4 years, on 1 January 2014, the Wildflower Prairies Competition became part of the General Agricultural Competition, alongside the animal, product, and judged competitions.

Philippe Girardin

President of the Ballons des Vosges Regional Natural Park and president of the Biodiversity Commission of the French Federation of Regional Natural Parks

"The experiment was inspired by a mechanism designed by our colleagues in the Black Forest. The concept attracted the Ballons des Vosges and Haut-Jura Parks (...). Then, starting in 2010, the Parks Federation took the initiative to expand the Competition nationally, and now, more than half of the parks participate. This competition aims to promote a balance between agriculture and natural environment by highlighting farmers, who typically remain quite reserved, and who, on this occasion, get to meet with naturalists, bee keepers, etc."

Thibaud Mongellaz

President of the Association of Farmers of the Massif des Bauges Regional Natural Park

"What is innovative about the Wildflower Prairies Competition is that it helps farmers to control how their practices translate into improving biodiversity on their farms. Moreover, as part of the competition, farmers, producers, livestock farmers, and beekeepers come together around the same table, develop new links, and work together at last."