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Public Service Contract: the role of GRTgaz is reaffirmed

Acting in the public interest

A Public Service Contract (2015-2018) between the French state and GRTgaz was signed on 30 November 2015 by Ségolène Royal, the Minister for Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy, Emmanuel Macron, the Minister for the Economy, Industry and Digital Affairs, and Thierry Trouvé, the Managing Director of GRTgaz.

This Contract recalls that within the duties fulfilled by GRTgaz, ensuring the safety of people and property and guaranteeing the transmission of gas occupy an important place. It also emphasises the coordinating role that GRTgaz has to play with regards to security of supply within the French market but also within Europe.

Vêtements image de marque (VIM) de GRTgaz - crédit photo : GRTgaz / Philippe Dureuil

A bigger role in the energy transition process

The contract also gives GRTgaz a strategic place in the energy transition process while specifying, in particular, the need to make the gas system more visible. It highlights the company's desire to develop new business lines based on the use of gas (NGV and gas-powered mobility), renewable gas (biomethane) and the storage of renewable power (Power to Gas) to contribute to energy saving and efficiency efforts as well as to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and pollutants.

Furthermore, this contract formalises a number of state measures to help GRTgaz fulfil its public service duties as well as possible.