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Contributing to changes within our industry

GRTgaz consolidates and disseminates its expertise by participating in several international associations and forums that bring together energy and natural gas experts.

Our aim is to be a leading player contributing to regulatory and technical changes within our industry.

  • ACQPA (Association for the Certification and Qualification of Anti-corrosion Paint)

    The ACQPA's primary purpose is to certify that the main elements that contribute to the end quality of paint-based anti-corrosion solutions used on metal structures comply with pre-established standards that are seen as necessary to achieve the aforementioned end quality. The ACQPA, as an observer and forum for all those concerned, also puts forward suggestions regarding standards drafted by the BNPV (French paint and varnish standardisation office) on behalf of AFNOR and contributes to the dissemination of trade practice. The ACQPA is accredited by COFRAC.

    GRTgaz is a Board member.

    Find out more about the ACQPA

  • AFG (Association Française du Gaz)

    The AFG (French gas association) is the professional union of the French gas industry (natural gas, biomethane and LPG). The Association promotes the industry's activities while acting as its representative during talks with the public authorities, contributing to the drafting of laws and regulations, taking part in European and international projects, carrying out studies through its seven committees, distributing information, and providing specialist services (standardisation with the Gas standardisation office (BNG), certification with Certigaz and training with CFAFG). The AFG is a member of MEDEF, IGU, EUROGAS, MARCOGAZ and EASEE Gas.

    GRTgaz is a full member of the AFG and actively participates in its activities.

    Find out more about the AFG

  • AFHYPAC (French association for hydrogen and fuel cells)

    The AFHYPAC brings together hydrogen and fuel-cell operators in France: companies, laboratories, research institutes, competitiveness clusters, local authorities and regional associations. The association's aim is to accelerate the development of hydrogen solutions in favour of the energy transition and collective welfare.

    GRTgaz is a member of the AFHYPAC.

    Find out more about the AFHYPAC

  • CEFRACOR (French anti-corrosion association)

    An association that is made up of 740 members from industry, education, research, etc. and whose purpose is to answer questions on material corrosion and durability in all industrial areas and to organise the sharing of knowledge through scientific and technical publications as well as recommendations and national and international standards.

    GRTgaz is an active member and contributes to the drafting of French technical recommendations and standards (AFNOR, CEN and ISO) through the Cathodic protection and associated coatings committee.

    Find out more about CEFRACOR

  • CEOCOR (European Committee for the Study of Corrosion and Protection of Pipes and Pipelines Systems Drinking Water, Waste Water, Gas and Oil)

    The European committee of an international scientific association, CEOCOR brings together water and gas stakeholder representatives as well as universities and research centres. CEOCOR's aim is to provide the basis for scientific and technical guidance in the field of corrosion through studies, recommendations and publications and to contribute to the formulation of draft European standards. 

    GRTgaz is involved in the Working Group of Commission 2, which is dedicated to external corrosion and cathodic protection in water, oil and gas pipelines.

    Find out more about CEOCORR

  • CEN (European Committee for Standardization)

    An international scientific association that contributes in particular to the drafting of European standards.

    GRTgaz is involved in working groups that draft European technical recommendations and standards (CEN and ISO).

    Find out more about CEN

  • CNIG

    An international scientific association that contributes in particular to the drafting of European standards.

    GRTgaz is involved inworking groups that draft European technical recommendations and standards (CEN and ISO).

    Find out more about the CNIG

  • Club Stockage d'Energies (Power storage club)

    The purpose of Club Stockage d'Energies, of which GRTgaz is a member, is to bring together all those involved in the implementation of stationary or on-board power storage technology and systems.  

    Club Stockage d'Energies is part of ATEE (Association Technique Energie Environnement), which aims to encourage greater control over energy within companies and by local authorities and, more generally, to help energy users learn how to save and manage energy better and thereby contribute to national greenhouse reduction targets and boost their own profitability. ATEE brings energy chain operators together to share opinions and capitalise on experience.

    Find out more about Club Stockage d’Energies

  • DT/DICT national observatory committee

    The DT/DICT ('Declaration of works') observatory committee puts discussion and consultation first. Its main purpose is to promote best practice to help all operators make progress together in order to improve the safety of works carried out close to networks.

    GRTgaz is a Board member and is involved in various project groups.

    Find out more about the DT/DICT national observatory committee

  • EASEE GAS (European Association for the Streamlining of Energy Exchange – gas)

    The association's purpose is to develop and promote common practices to simplify and streamline procedures between gas industry operators in order to foster a more efficient and effective European gas market.

    GRTgaz is a Board member and plays an active role within its working groups.

    Find out more about EASEE GAS

  • ENTSOG (European Network of Transmission System Operators for Gas)

    ENTSOG's role is to facilitate and strengthen cooperation between gas transmission operators in Europe to ensure the development of a European gas transmission network, in compliance with the goals set by the European Union's energy policy.

    A founding member of the association, GRTgaz is a Board member and plays an active role within its working groups.

    Find out more about ENTSOG

  • European Power to Gas Platform

    A joint body made up of a network of stakeholders whose aim is to explore the viability of the Power to Gas in European countries.

    GRTgaz is a member of the platform.

    Find out more about the European Power to Gas Platform

  • FSR (Florence School of Regulation)

    The FSR is both a forum for and a school that offers courses to European regulators, stakeholders, institutions and universities with an interest in the areas of energy, transport, water or media in Europe.

    GRTgaz is an important donor and intervenes as speaker.

    Find out more about the FSR

  • Gas Regional Initiative

    Under the aegis of l’ACER (Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators), the Gas Regional Initiative brings together regulators, transmission network operators and stakeholders to promote regional cooperation in order to improve the European single market.

    GRTgaz takes part in GRI South and North-West.

    Find out more about the Gas Regional Initiative

  • GERG (European Gas Research Group)

    GERG groups a large pool of specialists. Its aim is to encourage and support the development of high-quality research, development and innovation projects and to contribute to the development of a solid framework for European gas research in order to place gas infrastructure at the heart of the energy system. 

    GRTgaz is a Board member and participates to the transmission and storage programme committee.

    Find out more about GERG

  • GESIP (Oil and chemical industry safety research group)

    This association is made up of members from the oil, gas and chemical sectors and aims to improve the safety of people and facilities on industrial sites while also respecting the environment.

    GRTgaz is involved in various working groups which focus, in particular, on the ageing of industrial facilities, the drafting of risk management guidelines and shutdowns.

    Find out more about GESIP

  • GIE (Gas Infrastructures Europe)

    GIE is an association that represents the interests of natural gas infrastructure operators in Europe vis-à-vis European institutions, regulators and other stakeholders.

    GRTgaz forms part of the transmission subdivision, GTE, and is an active member within GIE.

    Find out more about the GIE

  • Green Gas Initiative

    As part of the energy transition, the main aim of the Green Gas Initiative is to contribute to the provision of carbon-neutral gas by 2050.

    GRTgaz is a member of this initiative that works to promote biomethane, Power-to-Gas and the mobility of natural gas.

    Find out more about the Green Gas Initiative

  • IPLOCA (International Pipe Line and Offshore Contractors Association)

    The aim of IPLOCA is to create value through the medium of a forum that shares ideas, engages industry and stakeholders, facilitates commercial opportunities and promotes the highest standards in the pipeline sector.

    GRTgaz has been a corresponding member of the association since May 2016.

    Find out more about IPLOCA

  • ISO (International Organization for Standardization)

    Within the ISO, GRTgaz provides its expertise on various subjects concerned by international standardisation: cathodic protection, ultrasonic meters, non-destructive testing, etc.

    Find out more about the ISO


    Within MARCOGAZ, the Technical association of the European natural gas industry, GRTgaz works on various subjects such as controlling and measuring GHG emissions, quality and safety.

    Find out more about MARCOGAZ

  • NGVA (Natural & bio Gas Vehicle Association) Europe

    With 146 members in 35 countries, NGVA Europe promotes the use of natural gas and biomethane as a fuel source.

    GRTgaz is a member of the Association.

    Find out more about the NGVA


    PRISMA is the European capacity marketing platform that was created by Europe's main gas transmission operators to facilitate the emergence of an integrated European gas market. 

    GRTgaz is a founding member of the platform.

    Find out more about PRISMA