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GRTgaz Deutschland, at the crossroads of the European Energy Market

GRTgaz Deutschland, a certified independent transmission operator (ITO), manages MEGAL gas pipeline, which connects the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria and France.

This network comprises major cross border interconnection points, such as Waidhaus (Bavaria), Oberkappel (Austria) and Medelsheim/Obergailbach (on the border between the Saarland and the Moselle département). The commissioning of the interconnection point between two marketplaces, NetConnect Germany (NCG) and Gaspool, in Gernsheim (Hesse) occurred in January 2014.


A major role in Europe's gas transmission system

GRTgaz Deutschland network, a high-capacity pipeline that crosses Germany from east to west, plays a major role in the gas route towards France and forms the transmission backbone of the NCG market in southern Germany.

The large volumes transmitted contribute, to the security of supply of both countries and, to the fluidity of the NCG title transfer point. GRTgaz Deutschland network is connected to both Nord Stream gas pipeline and to the older gas route through Ukraine, which means that it occupies a strategic position in the European gas transmission system.


GRTgaz Deutschland's offer

With regards to the marketing of transmission capacity, GRTgaz Deutschland is a well-known innovative operator who designed a product called, Dynamically Allocable Capacity (DAC) launched to meet its clients' needs and has since become a benchmark capacity product in Europe.

In April 2012, GRTgaz Deutschland committed itself to creating and developing the company, PRISMA European Capacity Platform GmbH. In cooperation with its PRISMA partners and in response to the market demand, GRTgaz Deutschland offers bundled products that are sold on the platform to optimise the use of available capacity at cross border points and between marketplaces.


Transmission network

  • 30 employees
  • 1,161km high-pressure network
  • 6 compression stations (total power 318 MW)
  • 367 TWh of outgoing gas transmitted in 2015
  • 3 border interconnection points (France, Czech Republic, Austria)
  • 1 NCG/Gaspool interconnection point

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