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Occupational health and safety

The goal: a zero occupational accident rate

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Protect the health, ensure the safety

GRTgaz aims to protect the health and ensure the safety of its own employees and those from companies that conduct work on its behalf, particularly on work sites.

A series of official rules govern the way in which work is carried out, whether technical or functional

  • All forms of technical training cover prevention, including learning the correct workplace habits. This training is the foundation of the gas certification system. This mechanism, which is already in place for operational managers and consignment managers, now also applies to construction managers and all operators. 
  • All companies active on work sites must hold a Safety Passport. The top performers are recognised via Safety Awards, which are handed out in partnership with the French Office for Health and Safety in the Building and Public Works Sector (OPPBTP).




GRTgaz, Elengy and OPPBTP present the book An owner’s commitment

Since the agreement signed with OPPBTP on 23 January 2001, there have been a host of initiatives concerned with:

Training, a continuous progress approach, safety passports, Safety Awards, the readability of documents on worksite safety, greater consideration of safety from the design phase, a safety forum, and other themes. Personnel training and on-site support are at the heart of the preventive actions defined by this agreement.

The results have materialised. Accidents for external companies have significantly decreased, with the frequency falling from 28.1 in 2000 to 9.6 in 2011, and severity dropping from 0.41 to 0.17 over the same period. In parallel, the working conditions and worksite organisation have improved, and all the professions exercised on the site have benefitted from this new approach, which involves all the players upstream of the worksites.

This decade of actions shows that prevention represents an added value, and indicates that progress is still possible over the coming years, with the collaboration of the companies, the project owners and the prevention experts.


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