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GRTgaz has entered numerous partnerships in line with its corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy, with a view to listening to and consulting its stakeholders and partners.

We work with our stakeholders on the responsible economy, the conservation of the environment and social action.

  • Régions de France

    Logo Régions de France

    Under the terms of the partnership agreement signed in September 2016, the Association of French Regions and GRTgaz pool their knowledge and cooperate on three major subjects:

    • The development of regional energy plans
    • The implementation of regional policies (energy, the environment, mobility, innovation, economic development)
    • Apprenticeships, professional training and guidance to find employment

    Joint initiatives and good practices are developed so that “Régions de France” can then pass them on to regional elected representatives. “Régions de France” can call on this partnership to facilitate the energy transition in the regions, while also considering policies in favour of economic development and employment in this field.

    More about Régions de France

  • Green Cross France et Territoires

    Logo Green Cross France et Territoires

    Green Cross France et Territoires and GRTgaz entered a partnership in 2015. Their goal is to think together about the development of the circular economy in the regions and about the benefits of gas to encourage the energy transition, in a concrete and pragmatic approach.

    More about Green Cross France

  • Chambers of agriculture and the FNSEA (the French national farmers union)

    Logos Chambres d’agriculture et la FNSEA (Fédération Nationale des Syndicats d'Exploitants Agricoles)

    In November 2016, the permanent assembly of the chambers of agriculture (APCA), the French national farmers union (FNSEA) and GRTgaz entered a partnership to develop projects of interest to both the company and the agricultural community.

    The initiative has already defined two major areas of cooperation:

    • Support the installation of new energy projects in farms, in particular by developing agricultural methanation,
    • Protect biodiversity by maintaining service strips and supporting their respective networks in the development of ecological preventive, reductive and compensatory measures.

    This partnership hails a new step forwards in the collaboration with the agricultural professions, which dates back to 1996, through the elaboration and control of the national protocol, renewed in 2015, and the definition of commitments pertaining to routes that respect agricultural activity and to the reconditioning of land after the works.

    GRTgaz is also a partner of the Flower Meadows competition, which rewards farmers who protect and promote the biological wealth of their meadows in natural parks.

    Download the protocol between the agricultural professions and GRTgaz - 14 October 2015

    Agricultures & territoires - Chambers of agriculture
    FNSEA (the French national farmers union)

  • The Institute of the circular economy

    Logo Institut de l’économie circulaire

    GRTgaz is an administrator of the institute of the circular economy, which aims to promote and stimulate research, experiments and concrete initiatives in the realm of the circular economy, and to encourage the generation of synergies between players that favour the emergence of multi-party projects.

    GRTgaz also participates in various working groups organised by the institute and sits on the jury of the circular economy trophies.

    More about the Institute of the circular economy

  • Research and development

    In 2015, GRTgaz became a partner for five years of the Chair in Prospective Modelling for Sustainable Development (MPDD) created by the Mines ParisTech and Ponts ParisTech foundations. Its mission? To support the decision-making process on energy policy, the fight against climate change and the essential technological options for the future of the regions.

    GRTgaz also supports the Chair in Natural Gas Economics, alongside Paris-Dauphine University, the IFP School and the Toulouse School of Economics. The mission of this Chair is to develop research into the various aspects of gas in energy mixes.

  • The French Federation of Regional Natural Parks

    The French Federation of Regional Natural Parks - logo

    GRTgaz has been engaged with the French Federation of Regional Natural Parks since 2010, developing a nationwide partnership on the themes of the energy transition, biodiversity and environmental education, through local initiatives. Nine local agreements have been signed with regional natural parks, and more are currently being negotiated.

    More about the French Federation of Regional Natural Parks

  • Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle

    Logo Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle

    In 2015, GRTgaz signed a new 3-year contract of biodiversity targets with the Île-de-France regional authorities and the French State Museum of Natural History.
    Along the same lines as the preceding contract, the Museum of Natural History will help us to deploy management practices that are favourable to biodiversity on our service strips. The Museum also supports our programme to reintroduce biodiversity into our compression and interconnection stations.

    More about the French State Museum of Natural History

  • The Linear Infrastructures and Biodiversity Club (CILB)

    CILB logo

    Founded on 27 June, 2011, the CILB currently brings together ten linear infrastructure operators that are keen to include biodiversity in the development of their activities: ASFA, Eiffage Concessions, Edf, ENEDIS, GRTgaz, LISEA, RTE, SNCF Réseau, Teréga and VNF.

    The CILB is an informal club whose members together look for best practices and try out new ways of maintaining and developing the ecosystems around linear infrastructures.

    More about the Linear Infrastructures and Biodiversity Club

  • Foundation for Research into Biodiversity (FRB)

    Logo FRB

    In partnership with the FRB, the ADEME, the Ministry of Energy, the Environment and the Sea and the Linear Infrastructures and Biodiversity Club, GRTgaz is supporting ITTECOP, an innovative research programme into the relations between biodiversity and linear infrastructures.

    More about the Foundation for Research into Biodiversity (FRB)

  • Donation Fund for Biodiversity (FDB)

    Logo Fonds de dotation pour la biodiversité (FDB)

    In 2012, GRTgaz became the first company to join the FDB in the creation of a fund to support the “Atlas of Biodiversity” in communities.

    This fund offers financial and technical support to communities that are keen to gain a better understanding of and to protect their natural assets.

    In 2014, this GRTgaz-FDB sponsorship initiative received the award in the “Environment and Sustainable Development” category of the 4th Corporate Sponsorship Trophies.

    More about the Donation Fund for Biodiversity (FDB)

  • The French Walkers Federation (FFRandonnée)

    Logo Fédération Française de Randonnée

    Since they became partners in 2010, GRTgaz and FFRandonnée have been sharing the same ambition to protect biodiversity and promote the natural heritage of our regions. GRTgaz is supporting the Federation in the development of its digital programme, which includes a web portal, cartographic tools, a “Walking Ideas” feature and the development of four Randomobile® applications.

    GRTgaz and the Federation have also teamed up to increase walkers’ awareness of safety and the rules of good conduct for walkers, in particular by co-authoring the Walker’s Charter.

    They are also taking actions to rehabilitate pathways, create new routes and support the publication of walking guide that will boost the appeal of the regions.

  • The National Institute of Preventive Archaeological Research (Inrap)

    In 2011, GRTgaz became a partner of the Inrap in order to promote the archaeological discoveries made in France.
    Before starting construction works, such as the installation of a gas pipeline, the footprint of the infrastructure is diagnosed in order to assess the archaeological potential of the land.

    On the basis of the results of this diagnostic, the State can decide to proceed with excavations.

    In this way, the development of the natural gas transport network offers an opportunity to make new discoveries. GRTgaz can call on the expertise of the Inrap to recover the historical vestiges buried underground, so that the greatest number can appreciate the riches hidden in our soil.

    GRTgaz also supports the National Archaeological Days organised by the Inrap (link to the JNA site). Organised under the aegis of the Minister of Culture and Communication, this event aims to reveal the multiple facets of archaeology to the general public.

    More about the Inrap

  • Natureparif

    Logo Natureparif

    Naturparif’s mission consists of protecting nature and biodiversity by taking a number of actions, from the creation of regional biodiversity observatories, to the development of regional indicators and dashboards and informing the general public. GRTgaz is a founder member and sits on the board of directors.

    More about Naturparif

  • Job IRL

    Logo Job IRL

    We are a partner of the JobIRL online platform that is used by 14 to 25 year-olds to exchange with professionals. This innovative social network brings together more than 12,000 youngsters (secondary school pupils and students) and 1,700 professionals.

    • Jobs platforms, private messages between members, meetings in the workplace, etc. The platform offers an opportunity to come into contact with the world of work and find information on different professions that are sometimes highly technical.
    • JobIRL regularly organises real-life actions: the annual JobIRL Ambassadors programme in secondary schools, live chat sessions, actions to raise awareness of professions at student exhibitions, etc.
  • Crée ton avenir

    Logo Crée ton avenir

    • In partnership with the association « Crée ton avenir », NGO, we help young people to build their career plan and to prepare their entry into the world of work, through “turnkey” educational programmes adapted to each age group:
      • “Initiation in the origins of the economic world”. A 12-hour workshop that looks at the fundamentals of the corporate world. For 11 to 12 year-olds.
      • “Approach a local company”. A day initiating 14 to 16 year-olds in the world of the enterprise.
      • Experiencing an initiation in the world of work”.  A one-week session that enables 14 to 16 year-olds to experience a company from the inside, to discover the local public and private players or to discover the players in a given sector.

    Logo ARPEJE’H

    GRTgaz is a partner of the ARPEJE’H NGO, whose mission consists of helping young school pupils and handicapped students to develop their course of study. GRTgaz supports the integration of these disabled youngsters by organising placements and work experience programmes. It also raises teachers’ awareness of the world of the company and its core business by organising dedicated one-day sessions.

    More about ARPEJE’H

  • Hippocampe

    Logo Hippocampe

    GRTgaz supports the creativity of the disabled by sponsoring the Hippocampe NGO on the occasion of two annual events. The first is the “Regards Croisés” short film festival, which depicts disabled persons in their workplace and promotes policies in favour of the disabled. The second is the comic book festival in the town of Angoulême, where a prize is awarded to a disabled illustrator on the occasion of the Angoulême International Comic Book Festival.

    More about Hippocampe


    Logo GESAT

    The partnership with the network of ESATs (places of assisted employment for handicapped persons) enables GRTgaz to develop its purchasing from the protected and adapted work sector, in particular by developing tools used to identify, professionalize and share the available offer.

    More about the GESAT network

  • Many Rivers

    Logo Many Rivers

    With Many Rivers, GRTgaz works to keep disabled persons in employment by funding the “Techniques and strategies for job-seekers” training course, designed for handicapped people who are looking for work. This vocational training organisation also raises awareness of disability amongst recruiters and managers.

    More about Many Rivers

  • Cap Emploi

    Logo Cap Emploi

    This partner operates a network of 107 organisations specialised in the relations between disability and employment. It works for the disabled and employers in the adaptation of jobs to skills and disability. This allows GRTgaz to diversify its sourcing and to identify qualified disabled candidates who are adapted to its needs all over the country.

    More about Cap Emploi