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Code of conduct

Personnel de la Direction juridique

The Code

GRTgaz treats all its customers, whether shippers, gas consumers or distributors connected to the transmission system, in a fair and non-discriminatory manner.

GRTgaz’s Code of Conduct describes the internal organisational measures taken to prevent the risks of discriminatory practice in third-party access to the natural gas transmission system, as required by Article 6 III of Law 2004-803 of August 9, 2004 on the public electricity and gas services and on the electricity and gas utilities. It is a key factor of our legitimacy with all the market players.

The three pillars of the Code are:

  • Confidentiality of commercially sensitive information (CSI) 
  • Transparency in the conditions of access to the transmission system 
  • Non-discriminatory application of the rules of access to the transmission system 
  • The code of ethics applicable to employees 
  • Compliance with the Grtgaz ten-year development plan Transmission network approved by the CRE

This code of conduct is an integral part of GRTgaz’s Management System. For its implementation, GRTgaz has a structured communication program for employees.

Download the Code of conduct


GRTgaz certified

In a decision taken January 26, 2012, the French energy regulation commission certified that GRTgaz adheres to its obligations of independence as stipulated by the French energy code.

In accordance with the certification commitments GRTgaz signed with GDF SUEZ, an agreement on communication practices.

Download the certification


Compliance manager

Bertrand Lombard, GRTgaz Compliance Manager:

In accordance with article L. 111-34 of the French energy code, since October 2011, GRTgaz has had a manager in charge of monitoring compliance of its practices with the independence requirements to which GRTgaz is now subject.

This manager is in charge of verifying that GRTgaz applies all of the commitments set forth in the Code of Conduct. Without delay he informs the French Energy Regulation Commission of all matters relating to the independence of the transmission system operator.

Contact the compliance manager: Bertrand Lombard

The compliance manager is responsible for drafting yearly reports: