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Protecting the safety of our network: our top priority

Safety is GRTgaz’s top priority. Transporting gas through underground pipelines is safer than by rail or road. The entire process is continuously monitored, from the design phase to the everyday maintenance of the network.

GRTgaz’s public service contract for 2015-2018 demonstrates how important safety is to us. By way of example, 30% of our managers’ annual targets are related to the safety of residents, service providers and employees. From the selection of the routes, to the everyday operation of our transport network, we do everything within our power to guarantee the highest levels of safety and security for people and property in the design, construction and operation of our facilities.

The secure and safe GRTgaz network

1- A robust network

Our network is robust thanks to:

2- Permanent monitoring

We monitor our network permanently by:

We exercise increased vigilance near urban and industrial zones.

3- Constant maintenance and measurement

We maintain our network through: