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Promoting our heritage

GRTgaz has entered a number of partnerships to enhance the natural, archaeological and cultural heritage of the regions that host its infrastructures.

Conservation of our natural heritage

Since 2010, GRTgaz and the French walkers federation have been sharing their determination to protect the riches of our natural heritage with nature lovers.

GRTgaz contributes to the creation and maintenance of pathways, to the publication of walking guides, to the development of enriched mobile apps that promote the tourist attractions in the regions, and organises open walks for families.

By supporting actions to promote long-distance hiking paths, GRTgaz takes pride in contributing to the appeal of the regions it crosses.

More about our partnerships

GRTgaz has been working with the French federation of regional natural parks since 2010 with a view to making GRTgaz’s footprint and network contribute to local biodiversity and raise the general public’s awareness of the importance of conserving ecosystems.

The differentiated management of the service strips in the Vexin natural park, the landscaping and ecological measures at the Taisnières-sur-Hon station in the Avesnois park and the support for the flower meadows competition in the Brenne park are all examples of concrete actions taken to conserve our natural heritage.

Highlighting the historical heritage

Before starting work on a new gas pipeline, the construction site is archaeologically surveyed. The State can then decide whether to proceed with excavations on the basis of the initial results. For this reason, we have entered a partnership agreement with the French State institute for preventive archaeological research (Inrap).

The aim of this partnership is to better anticipate the diagnostics and possible excavation works before the construction projects begin, while allowing the general public to appreciate any discoveries that are made.