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The reduction of greenhouse gas emissions

Limiting the carbon footprint of energy-related activities is one of GRTgaz’s top objectives. This goal is being achieved through technological innovations and improved energy performance.

GRTgaz is helping in the fight against climate change and in the development of a carbon-sober circular economy by increasing the power and the flexibility of its infrastructures.

GRTgaz also addresses the question of the environment on a European scale through its participation in the “Green Gas Initiative” which brings together transporters to work on these issues in a common initiative, with a long-term vision of transporting carbon-free energy. We have also entered an agreement with six other European gas transporters to share our knowledge and develop innovative projects in the field of biomethane. The goal is to deliver gas supplies with a neutral carbon balance by 2050.

Visionnez Philogaz, a national logistics hub (video)