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Taking action for the climate and the environment

The conservation of the climate and the environment are key commitments of GRTgaz’s CSR.

Take action for the climate ; Conserve biodiversity ; Reduce our emissions

Notre engagement passe par plusieurs démarches complémentaires :

The reduction of greenhouse gas emissions

Using gas and renewable energies to combat climate change

Finally, GRTgaz is contributing the development of the energy mix of the future, based on sustainable solutions (power to g, biomethane, NGV, etc.) and in which the gas infrastructures can play an important role.

The development of innovative solutions for the climate

Conserving biodiversity

Our commitment consists of several close-fitting initiatives.

The first is to conserve remarkable flora and fauna in the execution of our projects and to make our network work for ecological continuity. 90% of our transport network is in rural zones or forests.

Conserving biodiversity

Limiting the greenhouse gas emissions of our activities

Minimising our carbon footprint is another top priority. More generally, we intend to reduce and limit the potentially negative impacts of our industrial activity.

Limiting the greenhouse gas emissions of our activities