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Code of good conduct

GRTgaz guarantees transparent conditions of access to the network, the non-discriminatory application of the rules of access and the confidentiality of commercially sensitive information.

The GRTgaz code of good conduct

The GRTgaz code of good conduct was approved by the Energy Regulation Commission on 26 January 2012. It contains the internal organisational measures that prevent the risk of discriminatory practices regarding third-party access to the natural gas network, as required by the French Energy Code (article L. 111-22. of the order N°2011-504, 9 May 2011, codifying the legislative part of the energy code). This is a decisive factor of our legitimacy in the eyes of all the market players.

The code is supported by five notions:

This code of good conduct is an integral part of our management system that applies to our personnel. Moreover, the Compliance Manager monitors the compliance of our practices with the obligations of independence applicable to us. In particular, the Compliance Manager is tasked with checking that the commitments in our code of good conduct are fulfilled. He immediately informs the Energy Regulation Commission of any questions regarding the independence of the company that operates the transport network.

Contact the compliance manager

The compliance manager is responsible for drafting yearly reports:

View the report 2019

GRTgaz certified

In a decision taken January 26, 2012, the French energy regulation commission certified that GRTgaz adheres to its obligations of independence as stipulated by the French energy code.

In accordance with the certification commitments GRTgaz signed with GDF SUEZ, an agreement on communication practices.

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