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Guaranteeing the diversity of our teams

As a socially responsible company, GRTgaz encourages and improves the diversity of employee profiles, right from recruitment and throughout their professional careers.

A broad variety of jobs

More than 50% of the jobs at GRTgaz are in the operation and maintenance of our facilities. Not only do we recruit maintenance operators, technicians, welders and foremen, but also engineers specialised in different fields of activity (materials, mechanics, civil engineering, health and safety, etc.). We are also on the lookout for supervisors and managers for our support functions, information systems, purchasing and finance. The jobs are available all over France and can be accessed by following different career paths.

Diversity of profiles

Recruitment and career management are based on equal opportunities and non-discrimination.

In 2015, Afnor awarded the diversity label to GRTgaz in recognition of our commitment to the prevention of discrimination, to equal opportunities and to the promotion of diversity.

Increased professional parity

GRTgaz pursues a proactive policy in favour of parity.
In 2015, senior management and staff representatives signed a new agreement on gender equality for the period from 2016 to 2018. The “Elles du réseau” network of the women working at GRTgaz was created in 2010 to promote parity in the company.

In 2015, 21.3% of GRTgaz’s employees were women. Women accounted for 28% of new hires and represented 31% of the company’s management committees. GRTgaz intends to offer women exciting career opportunities and to increase the number of women in technical positions by 50% at all levels of qualification.

Une cellule d’écoute anonyme

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Depuis 2014, GRTgaz a mis en place un dispositif d’écoute anonyme afin d’assurer la prévention et le traitement d’éventuelles situations de discriminations vécues sur le lieu de travail. Accessible aux salariés comme aux candidats, cette cellule d’écoute est gérée par un cabinet d’experts externes et neutres qui conseillent et orientent le salarié dans le but de maintenir une relation de travail constructive.