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Encouraging the integration of the disabled

GRTgaz champions equal opportunities for all, in terms of recruitment, job security and career development.

This is the reason why we do whatever it takes to allow our disabled employees to work under the best possible conditions.

A specific recruitment and support initiative

Today, between 15% and 20% of the French population is affected by health problems, illness or disability. GRTgaz guarantees equal opportunities for all by pursuing a specific recruitment and support policy for its disabled employees.

Between 2013 and 2015 we exceeded our initial target for the recruitment of disabled persons for the period and in 2015, the global proportion of disabled employees was 4.82%.

Hagir GRTgaz logo

Hagir, GRTgaz’s mission for the disabled, is tasked with taking actions that guarantee the integration and the job security of disabled persons.

The handicap mission is represented by correspondents in every division. We make extensive training and awareness-raising efforts, in particular with managers, to facilitate the integration of disabled employees. The results are improving constantly, demonstrating the efforts made by the company to integrate the disabled.