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Val de Saône project


Lanscape next to Val de Saône

New natural gas transmission infrastructure between Etrez (Ain) and Voisines (Haute-Marne)

The issues facing the Val de Saône project

By allowing transmission capacities to be increased above those provided by the current gas pipeline, which dates from the 1970s, the Val de Saône project, which is part of the GRTgaz ten year plan, responds to two main objectives:

In order to improve the fluidity of gas circulation between the different markets and make the network more flexible on the European scale, the Val de Saône project offers the possibility of transporting gas from the south via the LNG terminals (Fos-sur-Mer) and the planned Eridan et Arc lyonnais.

With regard to northern France, the project will also help achieve the objective of transporting natural gas via the new Arc de Dierrey pipeline. As a result, this project is an essential link to diversify supply sources.

The transmission of natural gas is based on balancing northern and southern France which are separate market areas. By increasing natural gas transit capacities by the construction of a new pipeline and thus allowing the merger of the northern and southern areas, GRTgaz is contributing to the emergence of a more attractive gas price by encouraging competition on the natural gas wholesale market between these two areas.

Main characteristics

The Val de Saône project involves several pieces of work: