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European Union Co-financing

L'Union européenne et le transport du gaz naturel

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European Union Co-financing

To meet the challenge of reliable, competitive and environmentally-friendly energy, the European Union (EU) has set security of supplies, the smooth running of the internal energy market and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions (primarily through the development of renewable energy and energy efficiency savings) as the priority objectives of its energy policy.

These objectives require the existence of appropriate, Europe-wide, energy infrastructure, entailing substantial investment especially in transmission networks and their interconnections. To support development projects identified as essential, the European Commission has in recent years set up various mechanisms, including financial aid granted under the TEN-E (Trans-European Energy Network) programme.

In addition, in 2009, to help with the economic recovery, the EEPR (European Energy Programme for Recovery) was set up for the purpose of awarding substantial subsidies for infrastructure projects meeting European policy priorities in the energy sector.

GRTgaz projects benefiting from European financial aid

Several GRTgaz transmission network development projects are recipient of European Union funding in view of their significant contribution to European policy objectives:

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The EEPR presentation

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Presentation on the blueprint for an integrated European energy network


On 17 November 2010, the European Commission revealed its "Energy infrastructure priorities for 2020 and beyond - A blueprint for an integrated European energy network".

On the basis of these guidelines, proposed legislation for a new energy infrastructure policy is expected for autumn 2011. These proposals are expected to lay down a favourable framework for investment in "projects of European interest" identified within priority corridors, Three of these corridors involve gas infrastructure:

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