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Multiply your talents thanks to the GRTgaz work experience offer

Looking for a work experience place or an internship? Every year, we recruit around 100 young people, from school leavers to undergraduates with five years of higher education, for technical and tertiary training.

A strong commitment to work experience programmes

Work experience programmes represent a key challenge at GRTgaz. Taking learners onboard means offering them the knowledge acquired by our employees, promoting the employment of young people and preparing to meet the need for skills in the future. 
In this way, we can train the interns who will be hired at the end of their contract, so that they are immediately operational.

Testimonial of an apprentice design engineer

"I opted for a placement in order to gain some professional experience and find a job more easily. What I really like, is the fact that my work matches what I am studying at school. In this way, I can put my knowledge into practice directly and easily. At GRTgaz, learners are guided by tutors and colleagues, who provide support and help us to progress. And we are given tasks that are exciting and enriching."

Un engagement récompensé

Depuis 3 ans GRTgaz est labellisé Happy Trainees.

Ce label décerné chaque année, récompense l'excellence dans l’accueil, l’accompagnement et le management des étudiants au sein de l’entreprise. 

GRTgaz a ainsi obtenu de très bons résultats en 2018 avec une note globale Happy Trainees de 4,18/5 et 88,6 % d'opinions favorables.

 À travers ces résultats, ce sont entre autres la richesse des missions proposées, l'ambiance de travail qui règne au sein des équipes, l'accompagnement et la professionnalisation par les tuteurs - que les étudiants ont soulignés.

Logo Happy trainees 2019

Témoignage d’un apprenti projeteur

« J’ai choisi l’alternance pour acquérir de l’expérience professionnelle et ainsi accéder plus facilement à la vie active. Ce qui me plaît, c’est que les missions qui me sont confiées sont en adéquation avec ce que j’apprends à l’école. Je peux ainsi directement et plus facilement mettre en pratique mes connaissances. GRTgaz est une entreprise où les alternants sont entourés de tuteurs et de collègues qui les accompagnent et les aident à progresser. On nous permet d’occuper des missions enrichissantes et valorisantes. »

Made-to-measure training

GRTgaz offers two work experience programmes to renew skills, facilitate the integration of young learners and promote the trades of gas transportation network maintenance:

  • A professional qualification as an “Industrial Maintenance Operator”

    The professional qualification as an Industrial Maintenance Operator, available as part of a partnership with the Lyon Training Centre for Industrial Apprentices, is awarded after a one-year sandwich course.

    The qualification is awarded under the terms of a professional training contract and proposes a course tailored to meet the needs of GRTgaz’s operational activities.

    The theoretical training is delivered once a week in an internal training organisation for apprentices in Lyon or Nantes.

    The course includes technical modules (electricity, piping, etc.), cross-functional modules (teamwork, coping with stress, etc.) and modules specific to our business (an introduction to gas, on-call duty, cathodic protection, etc.).

    No specific training is required to apply for this professional qualification. However, it is preferable that the applicants have a taste for jobs related to industrial resources, and to gas-related activities in particular.

    This professional qualification will develop the skills required to join GRTgaz as a network operations agent. This job consists of monitoring the gas network, so that the gas is transported in complete safety, and of maintaining the gas infrastructures.

    Once you have gained a few years of experience, you will be in a position to access a broad range of gas-related trades: Network Operations Technician, Supervisor, Welder, Cathodic Protection Operative, etc.

    You will be in a position to work in the construction, operation and maintenance of gas networks, or to specialise in the various types of gas transportation facilities (expansion, networks, third-party works, compression, measurements, welding).

  • The professional Gas Technician’s baccalaureate

    Do you want to pursue a career in the gas industry? Are you a good team worker, with a keen sense of efficiency and precision? Is safety your top priority, and do you enjoy working outdoors? In that case, why not train to become a gas network technician?

    Students follow a 2-year sandwich course (apprenticeship or professional training contract), during which they follow theoretical training in the school for apprentices for 40 weeks, and gain professional experience in the workplace for 52 weeks.
    Once they have acquired the necessary knowledge and know-how in gas, they are immediately operational and it will be easier for them to find work.

    This training course, which is officially recognised by the French Ministry of Education, is intended for all profiles, provided that they are eligible for an apprenticeship or professional training contract (men and women, the disabled, applicants with or without qualifications, beginners or workers with experience, etc.).

    You will be in a position to work in the construction, operation and maintenance of gas networks, or to specialise in the various types of gas transportation facilities (expansion, networks, third-party works, compression, measurements, welding).

    For more information about this training course, please write to recrutement@grtgaz.com

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