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A multitude of development prospects

We can offer you a range of career opportunities.

We encourage the professional development of our employees by offering a multitude of training options, plus functional and geographical mobility within the company, the ENGIE and SUEZ groups and the companies in the electric and gas sectors.

A modular career

GRTgaz offers its employees much more than a job. It offers them the possibility to develop their skills, to progress in their profession, to acquire new know-how or to change their field of activity.

Training, mentoring, support for mobility, internal promotions, ... We support the development of our employees’ careers by listening closely to their aspirations throughout the course of their working life. We have also developed the ELAN PRO internal promotion system, that can be used to create individual professional training curricula.

Since we are present all over France (apart from in the South-West), we can also propose geographical mobility. The future of our employees is at the very heart of our labour relations policy, and their feeling of fulfilment is a priority for us. Employees can post their ideas for projects, their achievements and their initiatives on our OSER participative platform.

Testimonial of a network operations supervisor

"I started off at GRTgaz as a mechanic. Then I had the opportunity to learn other trades, such as network operations agent, welder, supervisor, zone manager and, today, operations supervisor. My lack of qualifications has never hindered my career development. I simply told my management about my professional aspirations and my wish to move to another region. And they rewarded my motivation. GRTgaz put its trust in me and has supported my career development. I am one of those people who, thanks to their employer, has been able to progress, especially through training. Every time, I had an opportunity to learn a new trade and to develop my skills. For me, learning all these different trades has been very enriching, both professionally and personally. This is the reason why I can say today that promising a future in the company is a key value at GRTgaz."

Internal mobility

In addition to its recruitment actions, GRTgaz also pursues a mobility policy that supports professional progress and addresses its employees’ needs to develop.
This “internal job market” helps to:

Are you an employee of the ENGIE or SUEZ group, or of one of the companies in the electric or gas industries?

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