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Launch of the appygas solution
Résofil no.14
Le Gaz. L’Énergie des Possibles. Une campagne inédite pour révéler toutes les innovations du gaz en faveur de la transition écologique


  • Compressor station
    Compresses gas to the desired pressure and injects it back into the network.
    Can be coupled with an interconnection station.
    Station de compression de Courthézon
    Courthézon Compressor station
  • Delivery station
    Performs a relief role to lower the pressure of gas delivered to industrial facilities and local distribution networks; also regulates flow and performs metering.
  • Gas pipeline
    Transports natural gas over long distances under high pressure.
    Laying a pipeline de Fos Cavaou à Saint-Martin-de-Crau (13)
  • Interface with LNG terminals
    Injects pressurised regasified natural gas into the transmission network; performs flow regulation and metering roles.
  • Interface with underground storage facilities
    Manages and meters inputs and outputs of natural gas between the transmission network and underground storage facilities.
  • Interconnection station
    Connects several gas pipelines and allows gas to be sent in different directions.
  • North Zone, South Zone
    These are defined geographical areas. In each of these, the shippers must balance the natural gas input and output flows every day.
  • Title transfer point (PEG)
    These are virtual points for gas trading between shippers on the transmission network. GRTgaz has two: one in each North and South balancing zone.