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To access the title transfer point (PEG) and upstream network.

The upstream network consists of a single entry/exit zone, the TRF (Trading Region France).
It is possible to subscribe capacity on GRTgaz’s system on all points listed below.

Network map

The list of network interconnection points and adjacent operators for these points is available here:

List of GRTgaz network interconnection points - April 1, 2020

The following shippers are present on GRTgaz's network:

List of shippers - September 1, 2020

List of balancing shippersApril 1, 2020

You would like to reserve capacity on the upstream network:

Capacity subscription on the upstream network

You would like to know more about congestion management procedure:

The managing contractual congestion arrangements

  • Accessing the PEG to buy/sell gas

    If you only want to purchase or sell gas on an exchange, the virtual point called PEG (virtual trading point) allows you to freely transfer gas with no physical constraints. PEG allows for a formalisation of bilateral over-the-counter exchanges as well as exchanges on Powernext Gas.

    Since November 1, 2018, there is a single PEG for the TRF (Trading Region France) zone.

    Access to the PEG is subscribed annually, starting on the first day of a month, and require compliance with notice of at least seven working days.

    Tariffs to access PEG include an annual subscription term, as well as a proportional term for the quantities exchanged.

  • Gas exchange

    You can access the gas exchange, operated by Powernext SA, and trade gas on the PEG.

    The gas exchange offers spot and futures products, respectively called Powernext® Gas Spot and Powernext® Gas Futures, for the PEG. Transactions on the exchange are anonymous and guaranteed. The clearing house is ECC AG (European Commodity Clearing AG).

    For more information, visit: www.powernext.com

Invoicing is based on a tariff chart published pursuant to a decision of the Cre and updated once per year.

The tariffs applied are available here.

Every month, GRTgaz provides each shipper with an invoice indicating the quantities of gas for Month M-2 and the capacity reserved for Month M-1.

To know more about invoicing