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Capacity subscription

  • General principles

    - On the downstream network, you can subscribe daily capacity (MWh/j):

    • For delivery and transmission on the regional network:
      • At Consumer Delivery Points (PLC) for customer sites directly connected to GRTGaz’s transmission network,
      • At Transport Distribution Interface Points (PITD) for delivery to customers connected to a distribution network,
      • At Regional Network Interconnection Points (PIRR) for delivery to the regional transmission network,
    • At exit points from the main network.

    The list of points (PLC, PITD, PIRR) is available here.

    - For these points, GRTgaz markets on an annual, monthly and daily basis:

    • Firm capacity, the use of which GRTgaz guarantees in normal operating conditions,
    • Interruptible capacity, the availability of which mainly depends on consumption and the network configuration.

    The different types of subscription for firm or interruptible capacity are summarised in the following table:

    Table of souscription capacity firm and interruptible

    To know more about tariff principles on the regional network.

    - For the specific case of transport distribution interface points (PITD), the reservation is implicit and GRTgaz allocates capacity directly to you on the basis of reservations placed downstream on the distribution network.

    To know more about subscription principles on the PITD.

    - For the specific case of consumer delivery points (PLC), the delivery capacity subscribed (annually, monthly or daily) gives right to an hourly delivery capacity equal at most to 1/20th of the daily capacity subscribed (subject to the availability of this hourly capacity).

    Capacity reservations can be placed on the TRANS@ctions site.

  • Capacity subscriptions for the PLC and PIR

    For capacity to be used starting on the first day of Month M, you can reserve capacity:

    • annual, at the latest on the 20th day of Month M-1, 
    • monthly, at the latest on the 20th day of Month M-1, 
    • daily, with minimum notice of seven days.

    To allow you to reserve daily capacity with a shorter notice period, GRTgaz offers a short-notice subscription service.

    Capacity overruns (hourly and daily) are the subject of price supplements. Penalties related to overruns are reassigned to all shippers’ delivering to end customers.
    To avoid overruns, GRTgaz offers shippers an opportunity to rapidly adjust the daily and hourly capacity subscriptions when a capacity overrun is observed, subject to the availability of the capacity requested.

    To know more about downstream capacity subscription principles and their evolution

  • Transfer of capacity right-of-use for the PLC

    If you are an industrial customer, you may reserve delivery capacity for your own site (customer delivery point or PLC) and transfer the right-of-use thereof to a transferee-shipper: this is referred to as the transfer of capacity right-of-use.

    An industrial customer that transfers capacity remains responsible for payment of this capacity to GRTgaz. The transferee shipper that receives the right to use the capacity is responsible for gas transmission to the site.

    The transfer covers all the capacity for the relevant PLC during the period of the transfer.

    Transfers of capacity right-of-use are performed on the TRANS@ctions portal.

    To know more about the right-of-use on consumer delivery points.