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Capacity subscription

  • General principles

    GRTgaz markets daily capacities (MWh/j) on an annual, quaterly monthly and daily basis:

    • Firm capacity, the use of which GRTgaz guarantees in normal operating conditions,
    • Interruptible capacity, the availability of which mainly depends on consumption and the network configuration.

    The capacity offer at PIR – October 1st 2020 [new]
    The capacity offer at PITS
    Subscribing capacities at the PITTMs [new]
    UBI offer [new]

    Probability of interruption of interruptible capacities

  • Specific capacity

    • Releasable capacity:
      Shippers having subscribed more than 20% of the total annual firm capacity at the network interconnection point Dunkirk release to the market a portion of their firm capacity. This capacity, referred to as “releasable”, is allocated according to capacity subscription and allocation rules.
      The price of releasable capacity is equal to 90% of the price of the corresponding annual firm capacity. 

    • Releasable capacity is firm capacity and is marketed for periods of one to four years.

    • Backhaul capacity:
      Backhaul capacity is an entry or exit capacity at a network interconnection point (PIR) in the opposite direction of the dominant flows at the point. Backhaul capacity is available if the global volume of flows remains within the dominant direction of the flows.

  • Capacity exchanges

    Capacity that may be exchanged on the upstream network refers to entry and exit capacity to the PIR (network interconnection points) on the PRISMA SECONDARY platform.

    Two types of capacity exchanges are possible:

    Rights-of-use transfer:
    The initial owner of the capacity still assumes its payment obligations vis-à-vis GRTgaz. The right-of-use exchanged can be daily or monthly, regardless of the initial subscription period.

    Full transfer:
    The acquirer benefits from the transfer of all rights and obligations related to these subscriptions covering a period of one year or more.
    To know more about capacity exchanges

    It is also possible to make an assignment by consistent notification to GRTgaz by the transferor Shipper and by the transferee shipper. You will find below a mail template:
    Assignement - Mail template