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Capacity subscription

  • General principles

    GRTgaz markets daily capacities (MWh/j) on an annual, quaterly monthly and daily basis:

    • Firm capacity, the use of which GRTgaz guarantees in normal operating conditions,
    • Interruptible capacity, the availability of which mainly depends on consumption and the network configuration.

    The capacity offer at PITS
    Subscribing capacities at the PITTMs [new]
    UBI offer [new]

    Probability of interruption of interruptible capacities

  • Capacities subscriptions for the network interconnection points (PIR)

    On all PIR (excepted Dunkerque and Jura):

    • Capacities are sold through an auction mechanism for annual, quarterly, monthly  and daily subscriptions on Prisma platform. Network code CAM selling methods are applied.
    • In order to make the booking process easier, GRTgaz works with other transmission operators to offer so-called “bundled” capacity : with a single booking, you can subscribe capacity on both transmission systems.
      Find out more on subscriptions under CAM rules

    On PIR Dunkerque: Capacities are sold through on TRANS@ctions for pluri-annual, annual, monthly and daily subscriptions. Specific rules applies on PIR Jura.
    Find out more on subscriptions at Dunkerque and Jura

    Focus on daily and within day capacities:
    For additional capacity in excess of the capacity portfolio you have already constituted, short-term mechanisms are also available:

    On all PIR (excepted Dunkerque and Jura), auctions are organized on PRISMA platform from 16:30 to 17:00 for the day-ahead and from 7am in intra-day.
    Find out more on subscriptions under CAM rules

    Dunkerque, GRTgaz organizes auctions on the prior day between 2:00 pm and 3:00 pm on TRANS@ctions.
    Find out more on subscriptions at Dunkerque and Jura

    "Use It Or Buy it": The UBI (Use-it-and-Buy-It) capacity offer allows shippers to request additional capacity, which can be granted for the day-ahead or during the gas day.
    The UBI offer allows to maximise the utilisation of capacity on the main network by attributing shippers operational capacity already subscribed but yet unused by other capacity owners and unsold capacities for Dunkerque only.
    The UBI capacity offer is available on the PIR (except Jura).
    On Obergailbach, Taisnières H, Taisnières B, Alveringem and Oltingue PIR, the UBI offer is put in place to depletion of avalaible firm capacities with open at the earliest at 2 pm  and until 3 am in intra D.

    On Dunkerque PIR the UBI offer is put in place for each gas day between 2:00 pm the day before until 3:00 am the given day.
    Find out more about the UBI (Use-it-and-Buy-It) capacity offer

  • Capacity subscriptions on transport storage interface points and transport LNG terminal interface points

    Transport storage interface points (PITS):

    At transport storage interface points (PITS), entry/exit capacities  are directly allocated, on the basis of injection/withdrawal capacities subscribed with the storage operator Storengy.

    For further information about capacity subscriptions on the transport storage interface points (PITS), please consult :

    To know more about capacity subscription on the upstream network

    Daily day-ahead subscriptions can also be entered into the day before for the next day according to the procedures defined in this document:

    To know more about daily subscriptions on transport storage interface points

    Transport LNG terminal interface points (PITTM):

    At transport LNG terminal interface point (PITTM), the allocation of entry capacities on GRTgaz network allows the injection of regasification volumes subscribed with the terminal operator (Elengy or Fosmax LNG).

    For further information about capacity subscriptions at transport LNG terminal interface point (PITTM), please consult:

    To know more about capacity subscription on the upstream network

  • Specific capacity

    • Releasable capacity:
      Shippers having subscribed more than 20% of the total annual firm capacity at the network interconnection point Dunkirk release to the market a portion of their firm capacity. This capacity, referred to as “releasable”, is allocated according to capacity subscription and allocation rules.
      The price of releasable capacity is equal to 90% of the price of the corresponding annual firm capacity. 

    • Releasable capacity is firm capacity and is marketed for periods of one to four years.

    • Backhaul capacity:
      Backhaul capacity is an entry or exit capacity at a network interconnection point (PIR) in the opposite direction of the dominant flows at the point. Backhaul capacity is available if the global volume of flows remains within the dominant direction of the flows.

    • Conversion capacity:
      GRTgaz makes an H-gas to L-gas and a L-gas to H-gas quality conversion service available to shippers.

    To know more about the conversion services
    Service of conversion of gas H in Gas B: estimation of the convertible volumes

  • Capacity exchanges

    Capacity that may be exchanged on the upstream network refers to entry and exit capacity to the PIR (network interconnection points) on the PRISMA SECONDARY platform.

    Two types of capacity exchanges are possible:

    Rights-of-use transfer:
    The initial owner of the capacity still assumes its payment obligations vis-à-vis GRTgaz. The right-of-use exchanged can be daily or monthly, regardless of the initial subscription period.

    Full transfer:
    The acquirer benefits from the transfer of all rights and obligations related to these subscriptions covering a period of one year or more.
    To know more about capacity exchanges

    It is also possible to make an assignment by consistent notification to GRTgaz by the transferor Shipper and by the transferee shipper. You will find below a mail template:
    Assignement - Mail template

  • European commitments

    Capacity release by GDF SUEZ (ENGIE) on februar 8, 2010:

    February 8, 2010 : GRTgaz launches the sale of capacity arising from the commitments made by GDF SUEZ (ENGIE), GRTgaz and ELENGY in the framework of case COMP/B-1/39.316.

    Download the Article 18.Commercialisation procedure

    It includes the rules of subscription and the mechanisms implemented to make the allocation.

    In appendix, you will find the three forms of request for capacity subscription.

    Capacity release on october 1, 2010:

    February 4, 2010 : GDF SUEZ (ENGIE) publishes an information regarding the capacity release on october 1, 2010.

    Information about the implementation of the commitments offered by GDF SUEZ (ENGIE) to the European Commission:

    • GDF SUEZ (ENGIE) will not be in the position to transfer 32 GWh/d on the Dunkirk entry point of the GRT gaz network as of 1 October 2010 and until 30 September 2026.
    • In accordance with the commitments offered to the European Commission, GDF SUEZ (ENGIE) will transfer an additionnal batch of 1 GM3 / year on the Montoir de Bretagne LNG terminal as of 1 October 2011 and until 31 December 2035.
    • This second batch will be traded by Elengy simultaneously with the one transferred as of 1st October 2010 and until 31 December 2035 in the framework of the procedure submitted to the CRE for approval.

    Deliberation of the French Energy Regulatory Commission :
    About allocation of capacity commercialised by GRTgaz and Elengy within the framework of GDF SUEZ’s (ENGIE) commitments.

    Proposed commitments to the european commission:

    GDF SUEZ (ENGIE) offered commitments at the European commission to reduce its share of long-term reservations of gas import capacity into France.

    Following the European Commission ruling of December 3, 2009, GRTgaz is publishing the text of the commitments and the contact details of the agent responsible for overseeing their implementation.

    Under these commitments, GDF SUEZ (ENGIE) is putting capacity back on the market. The commercialisation conditions and allocation rules applicable to this capacity will be considered and discussed with all the stakeholders under the "Concertation Gaz" consultation process headed by GRTgaz. A meeting of the “Capacity Allocation" working group was held on December 11, 2009, and a second meeting is scheduled for the beginning of January 2010.

    Following discussions with the market, GRTgaz will propose procedures to the CRE for the commercialisation of long-term firm capacity released as of October 1, 2010. This proposal will be submitted no later than January 7, 2010, and actual commercialisation of the capacity will occur before March 7, 2010.

    hroughout the process, GRTgaz will provide all the stakeholders with transparent information, in particular through the « Concertation Gaz » website.
    If you wish, you can also contribute to the discussions on ways to implement these commitments by contacting GRTgaz directly on "Accès Réseau Accueil".

    GRTgaz will ensure that these commitments are properly implemented, with the aim of making the natural gas market more open to competition and increasing market fluidity.

    The particulars of the trustee:

    M. Patrick De Bonnières - cabinet ADVOLIS
    13 avenue de l'Opéra
    75001 PARIS
    Contact e-mail

    Documents to download:

    Download the non confidential commitments

    Download the non confidential commitments

    Upstream capacity:

    Agreement for the assignment of capacities on route 1 or 2 of the GRTgaz Deutschland network

    Contract for the transfer of usage rights of transit capacity