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Natural gas transmission network

GRTgaz’s network is composed of:

  • The principal network

    The principal network composed of network components that connect the interconnection points with the adjacent transmission networks, LNG terminals and storage facilities. This network is composed of pipes with a very large width almost always higher than or equal to 600 mm. A major portion of this network is linked and constitutes the “network core”.

    In this part of the principal network, the gas may flow in both directions in accordance with the gas entry and exit points at the interconnections. The direction of the flow may vary from one day to another and even within the same day. So a facility on the network core cannot be specifically assigned to the transmission of the gas from one entry point or towards an exit point.

    An LNG terminal, underground storage, a land entry point or a land exit point is connected to the network core via a link facility.

  • Regional networks

    Regional networks, which are composed of network components that allow for gas to be transmitted from the principal network to end customers or distribution networks.

    Except in specific cases, regional networks operate in an “antenna” system, as the gas flows in one direction only from the principal network to the end customer. These networks are composed of pipes with a width that is almost always less than 600 mm.

    Not all of the regional networks are indicated in blue on the map.

  • Connection facilities

    Connection facilities, mainly dedicated to supplying an end customer or distribution network operator; they are composed of one or more connections and one or more delivery stations.

    Connection facilities schema

  • Injection facilities

    Injection facilities, the objective of which is the injection of gas into the network by a producer; they are composed of one or more connections and one or more injection stations.

    Injection facilities schema