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intraday flexibility service

You consume a significant volume of natural gas, but also have major fluctuations in this consumption during the day. If your site is “highly modulated”, GRTgaz offers the intraday flexibility service.

  • Are you eligible?

    • Site eligibility simulator:
    • Definitions :
      • Highly modulated site:
        A site is said to be “highly modulated” when it shows an average daily modulated volume greater than 0.8 GWh/d per operating day.
      • Daily modulated volume:
        The daily modulated volume is the sum, for all hours in a gas day (from 6:00 am on day D to 6:00 am on day D+1), of the differences in absolute value between the recorded hourly consumption and the average hourly consumption, divided by two.
      • Operating amplitude:
        The hourly operating amplitude is the difference between maximum hourly consumption and minimum hourly consumption recorded on Day D.

    Natural gas consumption schedule over a given gas day (illustration):

    Schéma flexibilité inter-journalière

  • Operational procedures for the intraday flexibility service

    Download the operational procedures diagram dated 1 April 2011

    Operational procedures are approved by the French Energy Regulatory Commission in its deliberation of 24 March 2011.
    The intraday flexibility service is free (Deliberation of January 29, 2014).

    The deadlines and qualitative indicators of tension of the network are available on SmartGRTgaz