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Connection facilities

GRTgaz operates and maintains the facilities needed to supply natural gas to your industrial site.

For the branch connection

GRTgaz determines and carries out the operating and preventive and corrective maintenance operations for the branch connection. These operations consist of:

GRTgaz continuously monitors the branch connection and its entire network remotely by transmission of flow rate and pressure measurements. GRTgaz also undertakes field surveillance on foot, in vehicles and by overflying network structures.

GRTgaz implements a voluntary inspection and repair programme for its pipelines, based on:

  • inspecting pipelines using a pig carrying instrumentation to check the integrity of the pipeline where technically feasible
  • searching and locating damage to coatings using 'surface electrical' measurements
  • analysing the efficacy of cathodic protection

Combined, these methods ensure the pipeline has a long service life.

Cathodic protection
GRTgaz protects underground pipelines from corrosion.

Section repair and/or replacement
When damage is identified, GRTgaz makes repairs to the branch connection as quickly as possible: fitting a sleeve or replacing the affected pipeline.

These operations have a fixed pricing structure and paid as an annual fee.

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For the delivery point

GRTgaz determines and carries out the operating and preventive maintenance operations operating and preventive maintenance operations.

These operations are necessary for the delivery point to function correctly and consist of:

Monitoring the delivery point consists of a sensory examination (sight, hearing, etc.) intended to ensure the overall integrity of delivery point equipment

In particular, monitoring for:

  • absence of leaks from the installation: gas smell, abnormal noises;
  • operation and overall condition of appliances;
  • replacement of consumable.

 Monitoring is carried out monthly.

Inspecting the delivery point consists of ensuring that its component devices are operating correctly:

  • Compliance test of main equipment items in the delivery point (regulators, safety valve, filters): once or twice per calendar year.
  • Regulatory checks:
    • VCD check (gas Volume Conversion Device): once per calendar year
    • Five-yearly meter check

GRTgaz determines and carries out the operating and corrective maintenance operations for the delivery point, known as the 3R operations. These operations maintain or restore performance of appliances, valves or any other component of the delivery point or local measuring device.

There are 3 types:

  • Repair: Troubleshooting and repair of an appliance
  • Replacement: Standard exchange of an appliance before reaching the end of its service life
  • Renewal: At the end of the service life of an appliance or delivery point, it is renewed with one having identical functionality

When signing the contract, you choose whether to pay as an annual fee or for each call-out. If paying for each call-out, GRTgaz will first submit a quotation.

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GRTgaz determines and carries out renewal operations for the delivery point. It may be partially or completely renewed.

Complete renewal involves replacing the delivery point with another.

During this operation, the natural gas supply may be interrupted for a few days.

Partial renewal involves replacing only certain parts of the delivery point.

The price for partial or complete renewal is included in the annual Repair, Replacement & Renewal fee. If you have chosen payment for each call-out, you will be responsible for paying the full cost of partial or complete renewal.

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To ensure it operates correctly, the delivery point must be connected to the electricity supply and the public telephone network using dedicated lines. GRTgaz can provide these services on request.

These consist of:

  • Paying a standing charge for the electricity line, carrying out the associated regulatory checks and paying for the electricity consumed, necessary for the Delivery Point to function,
  • Paying a standing charge for the telephone line and paying the call charges.

Fixed pricing is applied to these services. It is paid as an annual fee.

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Disconnecting and restoring supply

Do you want to stop using natural gas for at least a year?

GRTgaz works on the delivery point to stop flow and then to restore it at the end of the period. GRTgaz provides this service free of charge, limited to once per year during working hours; any specific request will be invoiced based on a quotation.

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Closure of the delivery point

Do you want to stop using natural gas for a defined period between one and four years?

GRTgaz works on the connection facilities to ensure they are safely isolated. The delivery point will then be disconnected from the gas supply.

In addition, during the defined period, GRTgaz undertakes to ensure the safety of connection facilities and in particular to carry out routine maintenance and any action required under current regulations relating to natural gas transportation.

Up to 6 months before the end of the defined period, you can ask GRTgaz to recommission the connection facilities.

At the end of the defined period, GRTgaz decommissions the connection facilities permanently.

This is a fixed-price service paid as an annual fee.

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