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Do you have a project

GRTgaz supports you in all your projects: safety, environment, consumption

If your gas consumption changes, GRTgaz will modify your delivery point to your new requirements, on request. This involves renewing your delivery point partially or completely.

GRTgaz takes responsibility for this renewal, under certain conditions.
If you have opted to pay an annual fee for 3R operations (Repair, Replacement and Renewal), GRTgaz takes the fee payments already received into account when setting the price to adjust the flow rate.  The price also varies depending on whether you have been paying the 3R fee for more or less than 30 years.

It is paid as an annual fee or on presentation of invoice.

Read the catalogue (in French)

Since April 1, 2017, GRTgaz offers a development discount to customers who have the project to develop their natural gas uses, along with a modification of their connection facilities. This discount covers a part of the connection structure costs, in proportion to the expected transmission income for up to ten years, and up to a maximum of 50% of the structure cost. This measure is addressed to sites already connected to the network but also to new customers who want to be connected to the natural gas transmission network. In return, the benefice of the discount will commit the customer, via an Advanced Reservation Contract for Transmission Capacity (CRAC), to subscribe or have subscribed the capacities used for to calculate the discount.

GRTgaz provides a simulation tool to help you choose the subscribed capacity level and duration of the CRAC.

Optimize the energy performance of your installations: consult the document "Solutions performantes au gaz naturel -1".

You have to or want to redevelop your site? You can ask GRTgaz to move all or part of the connection facilities.

You must pay for the relocation work. The price is specified by quotation and is payable on presentation of invoice.

Read the catalogue (in French)