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The catalogue of Services as  of 1st January 2017 is online!
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Substitution offer

You don’t have the same level subscribed on a PIR on both sides of the border and the unbundled capacity that you need isn’t available for sale?

Thanks to the substitution offer, you can substitute the bundled capacity you have purchased during annual, quarterly or monthly auctions with the unbundled capacity you previously subscribed.

This offer will be available on 6th March 2017 for the annual auctions.

GRTgaz provides you with:


Catalogues des Prestations au 1er janvier 2017GRTgaz gathered all its services* in its catalogue, in accordance with transparent and non-discriminatory conditions.

In this catalogue, you can find services only provided by GRTgaz: their rates are set by the French Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE) and correspond to the estimated costs of an efficient transmission system operator.

Moreover, you can find as well competitive services whose price is freely set by GRTgaz: they are at the end of the catalogue, according to deliberations of the French Energy Regulatory Commission.

There are four sections in the catalogue of services: 

Catalogue of services as of 1st January 2017

* Except from transmission services

More flexibility thanks to short-notice reservation services for daily delivery capacity

Since January 1st, 2017, you can sign additional capacities via the offer to short notice reservation services for the D-Day until 3 pm D-1 (against 12 pm previously).

The short-notice reservation services for daily capacity

Balancing: locational products are renewed

In the deliberation of September 15th, 2016, the CRE authorizes GRTgaz to pursue the experiment of locational products  for the residual balancing of the network.

The experiement was noticed by ACER which quotes GRTgaz in its report of last November 7th as an example to be followed for the implementation of its locational products which allowed a control of the costs of balancing and the implementation of a simple and pragmatic interface for the management of its linepack flexibility service instead of a contract of storage during winter 2015-2016.

More widely, France is greeted in the top 5 of the members countries for the quality of implementation of the balancing network code. The Agency observes that extensive information is provided to the market beyond the requirements in the Code and a regular and open dialogue with market players.

Locational product: reminder
Locational product: tutorial (video)
Locational product: contract

Jura backhaul capacity sales

Gaznat, GRTgaz and Swissgas propose to the market 5 GWh/d of backhaul capacity at PIR JURA for November 2016 until March 2017.

These monthly capacity is sold each month in two steps :  

Please consult the detailed sale process.

Optiflow: for more capacity and flexibility during maintenance periods

Optiflow will enable you to increase the availability of your capacities during maintenance periods on the core network. Thanks to Optiflow, the restrictions are mutualised on several entry points / exit points called “Superpoints”. If you subscribe capacities on several of the following points: Dunkerque LNG, Dunkerque, Alveringem, Taisnières H, Obergailbach, Oltingue, you get more flexibility to optimise your capacity on each point.

Whether you use only one point or several points, thanks to Optiflow you will enjoy a broader / wider UBI offer. Moreover, the maintenance program display will change for everybody.

Initially planned the April 1st 2017, Optiflow will be later displayed because of the current consolidation of Trans@ctions.

To help you to prepare the implementation of Optiflow, GRTgaz provides you with several tools:


More Dunkirk!

In order to face increasing demand from shippers, GRTgaz renews for the next winter the offer “ More Dunkerque”: an extra 20 GWh/d monthly firm capacity at Dunkerque IP will be commercialized from November 2016 to March 2017.
The total monthly firm capacity of Dunkerque IP increases from 570 to 590 GWh/d during this period. The level of interruptible capacity remains unchanged (36 GWh/d).

To this end, 20 GWh/d of firm capacity at Taisnières H will be commercialized as interruptible capacity instead of firm capacity during the same period. The monthly firm capacity at Taisnières H therefore decreases to 620 GWh/d instead of 640 GWh/d at present (plus 30 GWh/d overbooking capacity). And the level of interruptible capacity grows from 0 to 20 GWh/d, commercialized following CAM rules.

These additional capacities are commercialized via OSP on Trans@ctions each Month M-1, the first one from 1st to 11th of October 2016. Unsold capacities will be proposed as daily capacities.

Available capacity for booking - October 4, 2016 (xlsx)

The sales process

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