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Connection procedure

What you need to know to connect to our network.

You wish to inject biomethane produced in your facilities into the natural gas transmission system? Locate your project in relation to the GRTgaz network thanks to Reso'vert and discover how to connect your installation.

Locate your project on GRTgaz network with Réso'Vert's map.

Tip for use: the legend shows the maximal absorption capacity of the GRTgaz network. After clicking on your nearest pipeline, If the maximal hourly flow of biomethane of your site is no more than the capacity shown on Reso’Vert, you can then fill in the preliminary needs expression and send it to your business contact.

The information on the map dates from January 1st, 2013. It is indicative and therefore do not engage the responsibility of GRTgaz. ey should be confirmed by the connection information sheet furnished by GRTgaz.