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The locational spread on 1st November 2018

The locational spread is the main mechanism selected for management of the residual limits of the single zone. Successfully tested this winter, it is adapted to be used in the TRF zone from 1st November 2018. To better understand this mechanism and its evolutions from November 1st, 2018, please consult the following documents.

Locational Spread - For network congestion management - 1 November 2018 [new]
Locational - reminder - 1 November 2018 [new]
Locational products – agreement - 1 November 2018 [new]

Do you still have questions?
Just ask us during the Webinar : “How to participate in the Locational Spread” : September 27th from 11am to 12am in French / October 1st from 2pm to 3pm in English. The connection details will be communicated soon.

Storage compensation

As off 1st April 2018, according to article L.452-1 of the code of energy and CRE’s deliberation of 22nd February 2018, GRTgaz is in charge of the collection of storage compensation among shippers using its network, and its transfer to storage operators.

This storage compensation is destined to compensate differences between authorized earnings of storage operators and their earnings from the marketing at auctions of their infrastructures.

To find out more about the storage compensation
Storage compensation calculation aid

Overruns redistribution

As every year, GRTgaz puts back to shippers suppliers of end customers the penalties perceived for the overruns daily and hourly of their customers on the downstream network in 2017.

The concerned quantities represent 191.17 TWh at 0° for 4 677.69 K€ total amount. The unit price of redistribution is consequently 0,024468€/MWh.
The redistribution is calculated in proportion to the quantities delivered on the downstream network approval in 2017 for every concerned shipper. It appears on the invoice emitted in June, 2018.

Reminder of 2016 amounts181 213 160.558 MWh à 0° / 2 359 142.48 € / PU : 0.013018 €/MWh

Oltingue: a new entry point in France as of June,1 2018

200 GWh/d of new capacities will allow from the 1st of June to transit gaz physically from Switzerland to France, including:

In accordance with 27 July 2017 CRE deliberation.

The first auctions for this new capacity will take place on Tuesday 29th of May under Prisma, for June 2018 monthly capacities.
Some capacities will also be commercialized on the Swiss side by our partner Fluxswiss.

To find out more about the marketing of capacities at Oltingue PIR

Connection: new procedures and general conditions

GRTgaz is updating its connection procedure and the general conditions of the connection contract for industrial clients, distribution operators end biomethane producers. The CRE gave its final approval in its deliberation on March 15, 2018.

As a reminder in these new versions:

Contracts and useful documents for industrial consumers
Contracts and useful documents for distributors
Contracts and useful documents for biomethane producers

Note also that the catalogue of services has been updated with the 2018 tariffs.

TRF & PEG: towards November 2018

Virtualys : a new Virtual Interconnection Point on December 1st, 2017

Video - Virtualys - A new Virtual Interconnection Point (VIP)

GRTgaz and Fluxys merge Alveringem, Taisnières H, Blaregnies Troll & CGO points to create on December 1st, 2017 the Virtualys point.
This single point makes your subscriptions and nominations easier. And prices don’t change !

See the video Virtualys
Please consult the Virtualys reminder

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