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Winter Outlook 2017-2018
Val de Saône-A program to ensure competitiveness and security  of supply in France



Locational Spread : something new in the locational products

Within the scope of congestion management during winter 2017/2018, GRTgaz set a market-based mechanism called “Locational Spread”. It consists in buying gas located downstream of the congestion and simultaneously selling gas located upstream of the congestion. TIGF makes its contractual points Lussagnet & Pirineos available and co-funds the locational product platform developed by Powernext.

Eventually, Highly Modulated Sites will also be included in calls for Locational Spread.

In order to be involved in call for tenders from November 6th onward, having signed the new version of the agreement or the related amendment of existing agreement is required.

The supporting presentation
The reminder
The agreement for new signatories
The amendment for current signatories (in French only)

Virtualys : a new Virtual Interconnection Point on December 1st, 2017

Video - Virtualys - A new Virtual Interconnection Point (VIP)

GRTgaz and Fluxys merge Alveringem, Taisnières H, Blaregnies Troll & CGO points to create on December 1st, 2017 the Virtualys point.
This single point makes your subscriptions and nominations easier. And prices don’t change !

See the video Virtualys
Please consult the Virtualys reminder

More Dunkerque!

In order to face increasing demand from shippers, GRTgaz renews for the next winter the offer “ More Dunkerque”: an extra 20 GWh/d monthly firm capacity at Dunkerque IP will be commercialized from November 2017 to March 2018. Additional capacities are available in parallel on Gassco’s network.

The total monthly firm capacity of Dunkerque IP increases from 570 to 590 GWh/d during this period. The level of interruptible capacity remains unchanged (36 GWh/d). 

To this end, 20 GWh/d of firm capacity at Taisnières H will be commercialized as interruptible capacity instead of firm capacity during the same period.  The monthly firm capacity at Taisnières H therefore decreases to 620 GWh/d instead of 640 GWh/d at present (plus 30 GWh/d overbooking capacity). And the level of interruptible capacity grows from 0 to 20 GWh/d, commercialized following CAM rules. 

These additional capacities are commercialized via OSP on Trans@ctions each Month M-1,  the first one from 1st to 11th of next October. Unsold capacities will be proposed as daily capacities.

Available capacities
The sales process

Winter Outlook 2017-2018

TIGF and GRTgaz jointly release Winter Outlook 2017-2018 in order to share with the market their projections for next winter and inform French gas market players of the strain situations that may arise on their networks and the specific measures they are taking for the forthcoming winter.

Optiflow: for more capacity and flexibility during maintenance periods

Optiflow enables you to increase the availability of your capacities during maintenance periods on the core network. Thanks to Optiflow, the restrictions are mutualised on several entry points / exit points called “Superpoints”. If you subscribe capacities on several of the following points: Dunkerque LNG, Dunkerque, Alveringem, Taisnières H, Obergailbach, Oltingue, you get more flexibility to optimise your capacity on each point.

Whether you use only one point or several points, thanks to Optiflow you will enjoy a broader / wider UBI offer. Moreover, the maintenance program display will change for everybody.

GRTgaz provides you with several tools:


Overruns redistribution

As every year, GRTgaz puts back to shippers suppliers of end customers the penalties perceived for the overruns daily and hourly of their customers on the downstream network in 2016.

The concerned quantities represent 181 189 022,448 MWh at 0° for 2 359,14 K€ total amount. The unit price of redistribution is consequently 0,01302€/MWh.

The redistribution is calculated in proportion to the quantities delivered on the downstream network approval in 2016 for every concerned shipper. It appears on the invoice emitted in June, 2017.

Reminder of 2015 amounts : 156 644 436,452 MWh à 0° / 1 325 122,36 € / UP : 0,008459 €/MWh

More backaul capacity at Obergailbach

As from June 1st, 2017, GRTgaz proposes 20 GWh/d of additional backaul capacity at PIR Obergailbach, bringing the level of marketable capacity to 170 GWh/d.
This capacity is sold on Prisma according to the CAM calendar, that is May 22nd for the monthly capacity of June and May 31st at 5:30 pm for daily capacity of June 1st.

Available capacity for booking
Subscriptions under CAM rules


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